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Video Game Composer & Sound Designer

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What clients say

Charles Goatley, 

"Haakon really understood the kind of soundscape we wanted for "A Little Golf Journey" and was a pleasure to work with. He took the time to perfect the tracks, and our game is so much better with them - they really complement the relaxing atmosphere of the game."

Caroline Toledo,
 Frozen Film Productions

"I had the pleasure of working with Haakon in 2019 where he made the soundtrack for a feature film I produced. Haakon is a very talented composer. He is easy to work with, and the music that he made really took the movie to the next level."

Juan Andres Fernandez,
 Ironhide Game Studio

"We came across Haakon via recommendation and were really satisfied with his work. He faced the challenge of adapting to our Kingdom Rush franchise's stablished musical style and greatly succeeded while adding a fresh touch. His disposition and quick work facilitated the iteration process, helping us achieve exactly what we wanted with each piece." 

"Haakon did a fantastic job composing the music for This Means Warp. He was a pleasure to work with, composing a soundtrack that perfectly matches the game's tone and integrating feedback superbly. The audio has become a key part of the game's appeal, with fans often commenting how much it adds to gameplay. We've been incredibly impressed and would love to work with Haakon for all future projects - highly recommended!"

Paul Froggatt,

Gonzalo Ribot,
 Rubber Duck Games

"Working with Haakon is amazing! He worked with us for "Evil Wizard" and he just made one masterpiece after another. I always pause my Spotify when I test the game because is a pleasure to here his music. I can't wait to keep working with him in all our future projects!"

 Crystal Soul Team

"Haakon is very easy to work with, he always understands what I am asking for. The music he creates is spot on every time. When it comes to music creativity in videogame and video, he is my go-to-guy"

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