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Orchestral jrpg music 1 1920x1080.png

"Orchestral JRPG music 1" is a music pack with nostalgic, beautiful tracks. All ready for your JRPG, RPG, adventure or platform game! The pack contains 11 different songs for different parts of your game, including one short stinger. The music is fully orchestrated, ranging from peaceful town tunes to an evil villain theme. 

- Main theme (1:50) LOOP

- Overworld theme (2:00) LOOP

- Village theme 1 (2:13) LOOP

- Village theme 2 (2:32) LOOP

- At the castle (1:11) LOOP

- Romance theme (1:59) LOOP

- Enter the void (0:53) LOOP

- Song of forgiveness (1:41)

- Villains theme (1:20) LOOP

- Underground lair (3:23) LOOP

- Ending scene/celebration (2:10)


- Sleeping at the JRPG inn (0:11)

After you bought the pack, you are free to use it in non-commercial and commercial games. 

The pack contains both WAV, OGG & MP3 files of all tracks. 
WAV tracks are 44,1 kHz, 16-bit.
MP3 are 44,1 kHz, 320kbps
OGG are 44,1 kHz, 320kbps

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