Pest control

Pest Control is a combination of a simulator and a turn-based strategy, where you play the role of an pest exterminator. Use specialized equipment, choose the right traps and get rid of unwanted guests once and for all. Free the residents from intrusive individuals and restore peace to the city.

  • Extensive crafting system 
    (on the locations and in the shop you can find useful items for creating weapons, traps and sprays).

  • 4 types of enemies 
    (we will soon expand them to 12 species).

  • More than 30 quests 
    (from worried old ladies to relaxed millenials).

  • 12 types of traps 
    (collect parts, modify and upgrade them).

  • Wide variety of sprays 
    (6 substances each of 3 types, which can be freely combined into colored gas bombs).

  • Diverse locations 
    (villas, destroyed apartments, campers, warehouses and others).

  • Unique ways to fight each pest 
    (if spray doesn't work, try using a hammer).

  • Different types of tasks 
    (neutralize, capture, overtake, get rid of in any way, clear traces/destructions).

  • Skills tree 
    (upgrade your character and unlock new passive skills as a DIY and researcher).

  • Store for inventory replenishment 
    (fill in the missing equipment before mission).