• Haakon Davidsen

Fuzz Force: Spook Squad is now fully released


Been a while since I wrote here, but I just wanted to let you know that Fuzz Force: Spook Squad is now out from early access and finished. It was released on Steam June 8th, and it got a lot of great reviews from both gamers and gaming websites.

Find the game HERE

I wrote the main theme and battle music for this game. It was a lot of fun, since I was given a lot of creative freedom. I wanted it to sound funny and cartoony, but also giving it that “Halloween-vibe”. My main focus here was to make something that you could hum to while battling, but also get you pumped and excited. 3-bi.co.uk wrote this about the soundtrack:

“Fuzz Forces Soundtrack really ties the game together as a whole, from the opening theme to the battle themes. Each piece has been brilliantly mixed to bring the game to life. The soundtrack isn't something serious like that of Final Fantasy 7's, but instead is incredibly in keeping with the game's themes, keeping it upbeat and, most importantly, fun! When you play a game over, as you do in rogue-lite's, you can expect a soundtrack to get quite annoying, especially when on a losing streak, but I did not find that with Fuzz Force; instead, this enjoyable music ended up becoming quite a welcome earworm, especially when capturing a ghost, which is an aspect that can often be quite rare especially with an indie game.”


The soundtrack is also released on all streaming platforms, so you can listen to it anywhere and everywhere.



I have a lot of cool projects coming up soon, both soundtracks and others, so stay tunes until that!