• Haakon Davidsen

Our game from Newgrounds game jam!

Hi, During the last week of July, my friend Cilvia and me participated in a game jam hosted by Newgrounds. The theme was "EGG". We made a 2D platformer where you need to collect all eggs, while hitting enemies and avoiding traps. The game actually ended up pretty fun. We didn't have time to complete it, but Cilvia will work on updates, adding more gameplay and new levels. I did three tracks for the game, as well as all sound effects. You can play the game HERE I have also uploaded the music to my SoundCloud I have participated in game jams before. It is always a challenge to finish things on time, but that is a part of the experience. You learn a lot during the process, and you make new friends. Both me and Cilvia will participate next time they host a jam. Haakon