• Haakon Davidsen

The store is now open

Hi, Yesterday, I released a music asset pack called "Survival horror music" through Itch.com. This is a royalty free music pack that game devs can buy and use in their game. The asset pack is also pending at Gamedev Market, Unity asset store and Unreal marketplace, and will be released soon! This is the first pack of a series I plan to release. In the future, I plan to have many different genres. Hopefully, this will bring my music to a lot of different games. I have opened up a "store" page here at my website, so people can find the packs when they are visiting here. You can see the store page here:

https://www.haakondavidsen.com/store I am also currently making some music for a game, featuring a lot of piano music. Once the game is released, I will also sell the sheet music from my store. I hope you like the new page, and stay tuned for new music! Haakon